Milford DE City Council Approves Bulletproof Vest Purchase

SONY DSCOn Monday, December 8, 2014, Milford City Council approved the purchase of new bulletproof vests for the Milford Police Department. According to Chief Keith Hudson, the new vests will better protect the officers than the vests they are currently using.

“The vests the officers are using now do not protect them against certain types of weapons,” Chief Hudson said. “The new ones will stop bullets from higher caliber weapons so they will increase the safety of the officers.” The cost of the new vests is between $30,000 and $31,000. Read More

Cherkasy Car Factory Develops Light Armored Vehicle

CherkasyCherkasy car factory, part of the Bogdan Corporation, has presented the ‘Bars’ (panther) multifunctional light armored vehicle. The factory developed the vehicle by itself. The all-wheel drive car is intended to be used for tactical tasks, patrolling the border, protecting roadblocks and conducting military operations in urban areas.

The vehicle was demonstrated to National Guard of Ukraine chiefs, according to the company’s press release on Monday.

The factory developed the armored vehicle within a short period of time, under conditions relating to the ongoing military action in eastern Ukraine… Read More

Bullet-Resistant Precast Concrete Fencing For Substations

BulletUtility substations have become terrorist targets. Attacks on electrical power generating equipment are a recent phenomena that few would have thought possible-especially in the US. Threats to the nation’s power stations are a serious and growing problem, with perpetrators using gunfire and makeshift bombs to damage electrical substations and other utility installations, undermining the stability of the power grid.

Something needed to be done, and fast. One answer to safeguarding the nation’s utility equipment is the correct fence-a strong but attractive concrete security barrier that seamlessly blends into the environment where it is installed. Read More

Milspray Wants To Stop Bullets, Save Cops

2010-6-milspray_logoIn the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, Lakewood-based military defense firm Milspray made a name for itself by providing touchup paint, specialty coatings, and mobile corrosion prevention for military vehicles and equipment.

Thirteen years later, the company is garnering new recognition for its innovation in a different but related field – ballistic-resistant systems that help safeguard police officers and law-enforcement vehicles.  Read More

Brothers Donate $10K For Chicago Police To Get Vests

BehindTheVestCHICAGO (WLS) — A generous gift will help provide bulletproof vests for some Chicago police officers. The two sons of a Chicago detective killed on the job nearly 70 years ago are giving $10,000 to the “Get Behind the Vest” campaign.

Michael and Patrick Brady are the sons of Charles Brady, who was shot to death along with his partner George Helstern in 1945.

Michael Brady was on hand Thursday for a check presentation. The money will be earmarked for officers in his dad’s old 24th District. Source

Start-Up May Revolutionize Fit Of Body Armor

feamle IOTVWith female soldiers moving toward more involved combat roles, the Army had to re-think body armor, particularly how to tailor it to the female form. But that has become the tip of the iceberg: a new deal with a contractor could have a much wider range of applications through a profile of thousands of soldiers’ body types allowing for all kinds of better-fitting gear.

Manhattan start-up Body Labs officially started its $825,000 two-year contract with the Army in September, and along with that will come data and modeling that could better outfit soldiers in the future. On Monday they unveiled a vision for the future, which includes a more scientific, analytic and efficient approach to sizing, starting with body armor. Read More