Appleton Wisconsin Police Upgrade More Vests

Appleton Wisconsin PDAppleton police officers will be safer during SWAT calls. The department is buying more, upgraded bulletproof vests, thanks to a grant from Octoberfest. The new vests can withstand bullets that are fired from a rifle.

Acting Deputy Chief Rudy Nyman says standard vests are only effective against handguns and shotguns. Nyman says there are good reasons to have vests for every officer. He says the entire department would respond to a Columbine-style attack. The $10,000 grant will allow the department to buy 21 upgraded bulletproof vests. Source

SOCOM’s ‘Iron Man’ Suit Faces Major Technological Hurdles

us army iron man suitU.S. Special Operations Command is on track to deliver the first working prototype of its tactical assault light operator suit by August 2018, SOCOM’s leader Army Gen. Joseph Votel said.

Better known in the popular press as the “Iron Man” suit, the TALOS personal armor system is envisioned as a protective layer for the commandos who kick down doors to root out insurgents.

SOCOM’s science and technology division is about 18 months into the effort. The program is progressing as planned, but “many significant challenges remain,” Votel said Jan. 27 at the National Defense Industrial Association Special Operations/Low Intensity Conflict conference in Washington, D.C. Read More

PBA President Pat Lynch Calls on NY City to Replace Cops’ Expired Bulletproof Vests

nypdlogoPBA President Pat Lynch on Tuesday said the city should act now to purchase thousands of bulletproof vests and not wait months to replace equipment that’s dangerously outdated.

“While we are very appreciative of both the mayor’s and council speaker’s support for the purchase of new vests in FY 2016, we have called upon them both to move up the timeline and to purchase this lifesaving equipment immediately,” Lynch said. “We see absolutely no reason to have to wait a half year or more in order to equip our members with the best protection available.” Read More | Related Story

Pittsfield Massachusetts Office of Safariland Shifting 40 Jobs to Florida

protech-armor-systems-logo_10879101PITTSFIELD – Safariland LLC, the parent company of Protech Armor Systems of Pittsfield, is transferring 40 positions from Protech’s East Street plant to another company facility in Jacksonville, Fla. The positions are being moved to Florida because Safariland is expanding its Jacksonville facility, one of the two sites that it operates as a headquarters, according to company spokeswoman Hope Bianchi-Sjursen.

“Based in part on the financial incentives under consideration by the state of Florida and the city of Jacksonville, the company is planning the steps necessary to expand its presence in Jacksonville, Fla.,”… Read More

Morgan Advanced Materials Introduces Buoyant Lightweight Rifle Plate

IMG_6066-(2)-LWB3-PlateMorgan Advanced Materials’ Composites and Defence Systems business has introduced a buoyant, lightweight rifle plate insert for military and security personnel which is capable of stopping 7.62mm rifle ammunition yet is still less than 1kg in weight.

The new 20mm-thick rifle plate is manufactured from ultra-lightweight, ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene hybrid composite materials which have been designed by Morgan specifically for the rugged environments in which military and security personnel frequently operate. The plates meet the stringent requirements of NIJ 0101.06 for ballistic protection when used in conjunction with NIJ Level II body armour.   Press Release

Beach Haven Police Grateful to Donor’s Gift ‘to Save a Life’

BHPD…Luckily, the new Armor Express Halo IIIA body armor, chosen by the department for its superior protection and comfort, provides the “highest threat level for soft body armor protection,” Robert Leary, director of sales at Atlantic Uniform Co., who provided the fittings, told The SandPaper.

“This Halo IIIA (which costs roughly $900) is a top of the line piece of equipment for the officer. … There are less expensive vests with the same threat level rating that could be purchased, but the biggest problem there is it’s less comfortable for the officer,” said Leary, easily crumpling the ballistic panel from the Halo model into a tight ball before grabbing a less-expensive Quantum IIIA vest (about $700), which is a lot stiffer and more restrictive to movement. Read More