Activist Fund Trian Calling For DuPont Breakup

ShowStyle Header TemplateAn activist investor with a successful track record has launched a campaign to force DuPont Co. to break itself up after the 212-year-old chemical giant rebuffed its repeated private calls for change.

Trian Fund Management LP plans to seek support from other investors for its push to dismantle the company, according to a letter it sent DuPont’s board Tuesday that was reviewed by The Wall Street Journal. Trian said it plans to release the letter widely after more than a year of unsuccessful private efforts to persuade. Read More

CPD Foundation to Launch Bulletproof Vest Initiative

ChicagoMemorialFundNine years after being shot, Chicago police Officer John Wrigley clearly remembers the phone call he made to his family while riding in the back of a squad car en route to the hospital. ”I told them I would be OK without knowing whether that was the truth or not,” Wrigley said. It wasn’t until Wrigley hobbled into the hospital and saw the spent round fall out of his department-issued bulletproof vest that he could be sure.

Thousands of officers would be spared 75 to 80 percent of the cost of vests, which can run hundreds of dollars apiece, under a $4 million fundraiser being launched Tuesday by the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation, a nonprofit that aids families of CPD officers hurt or killed in the line of duty.  Read More

New Gel Technology Out Performs Kevlar

amazing-results-against-a-compeSEATTLE, WA, USA, September 14, 2014 / — July 28, 2014 at the Seattle Police Athletic Association Range, representatives of the Department of Homeland Security tested and filmed the latest technological breakthrough in Body Armor and personal protection for Military and Law enforcement. [Watch video excerpts of the test and others at] The results were nothing is not eye opening and a sign of the end of the dominance of Kevlar for personal protection. The Vest was a level III A vest from MITgel up against a standard Law Enforcement level III A vest. Thirteen shots were fired on both vests. 9mm, .40cal, 10mm, .44mag and 12ga slug were tested against each vest. (MITgel was so confident of its vests performance that they… Press Release

Armor Express Achieves ISO 9001:2008/BA 9000:2012

PressReleaseCENTRAL LAKE, Michigan – Central Lake Armor Express (DBA Armor Express) is further demonstrating their unwavering commitment to quality by achieving their ISO 9001:2008 certification with the addition of the BA 9000:2012 certification.

As one of the only ISO 9001:2008/BA 9000:2012 body armor manufacturers in the world manufacturing soft concealable and tactical armor, Armor Express continues to carry the torch for industry progress and advancement. Press Release

DARPA Uses Jetpack to get Soldiers Running 4-Minute Miles

Call them the Rocket Marines, but the jet-propelled men and women are now a reality, at least in the DARPA-funded labs at Arizona State University. It was achieved through the simple means of turning a jetpack on its side, at least mostly, and settling for a sizable increase in running speed. This means the jetpack itself can be vastly smaller than a flight device — just slip it on like a backpack, and away you go. Read More

DARPA Awards $2.9 Million to Harvard University’s Wyss Institute for Soft Exosuit

A biologically inspired smart suit that fits under clothing and could help soldiers walk farther, tire less easily, and carry heavy loads more safely has been given a boost that could be as much as $2.9 million. The Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University announced today that it has been awarded a first-phase, follow-on contract from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to further develop its Soft Exosuit — a wearable robot — alternative versions of which could eventually help those with limited mobility as well. Read More