Ukraine: An Invisible Hand Gives Lift to Pro-Government Military Forces

Plekhov…“Can you imagine? People don’t need luxury gifts when there’s a revolution,” the two joked. Plekhov then said; “What they need are bulletproof vests.” That evening, Plekhov kept thinking about bulletproof vests. As a budding entrepreneur, he was curious; was there demand for bulletproof vests on the Internet in his country, and was anyone meeting it? After some quick Internet research, he determined there was indeed strong demand, and it did not seem as if any domestic manufacturer was ready or willing to fill it. Potential profit was not the sole motive spurring Plekhov on; he was a firm supporter of the Euromaidan movement, and saw his potential venture as a way to support… Read More

Officials: Proposed Body Armor Ban Boosting Sales – Companies Outraged, Believe Ban Sets Dangerous Precedent

armorbanOKLAHOMA CITY —A proposed body armor ban has companies outraged, but officials say it’s also boosting sales.

“It’s supposed to save lives, and prevent injuries,” said Michael Blackmore, CEO and founder of Armor Advantage, an Oklahoma City-based company that sells body armor worldwide. Blackmore is seeing business skyrocket after the Responsible Body Armor Possession Act, a proposed U.S. House Bill by U.S. Rep. Mike Honda from California. The proposed bill would ban civilians from buying military grade body armor… Read More

Remarks by Attorney General Holder at the International Association of Chiefs of Police Annual Conference

masthead_IACP2014Thank you, Chief [Yost] Zakhary, for that introduction; for your leadership as President of the International Association of Chiefs of Police; and for your dedicated service to the people of Woodway, Texas – as Police Chief, as City Manager, and as Public Safety Director – for over three decades.

It’s a pleasure to join you here in Orlando today. And it’s a tremendous privilege, as always, to stand with so many distinguished law enforcement leaders. I’d like to thank the IACP’s Board of Directors – and every one of your members – for inviting me to take part, once again, in this important annual conference, as we confront a range of evolving challenges and reaffirm our shared commitment to honoring all who wear the badge. Read More

Bulletproof Vest Maker Has To Fight For Defense Sales

SarkarDefenseThe news of a slowdown in UK growth came as little surprise to manufacturer Sam Sarkar. With a strong pound and troubles in the eurozone denting exports, manufacturing growth in the latest quarter was the slowest for 18 months. Services growth also lost steam and overall GDP was up 0.7% in the July to September period. Still solid but below 0.9% growth in the second quarter.

Sarkar, whose Glasgow-based company makes bulletproof vests and helmets, relies almost entirely on exports for sales. Of an estimated £3m turnover this year, 95% will come from overseas sales. His recent trade chimes with business surveys showing a drop in overseas orders for UK goods as its key market, the eurozone, grapples with low growth. “We clearly had a slowdown in the last couple of months. I think this whole year has been slightly tough,” said the boss of Sarkar Defence. Read More

Team Unveils World’s First 3D-Printed Graphene Battery

670px-graphenA company founded by a married couple has unveiled the world’s first ever graphene 3D-printed battery, heralding an era when consumers will be able to produce their own homemade power sources.

A team from Graphene 3D Lab, based in Calverton, New York, has spent more than five years designing a material which can be fashioned into a battery of any shape or size using a 3D printer.

Although the patent-pending technology is only in prototype form, the batteries can already produce the same amount of power as a common AA battery. Read More

Wales: Check Out This Inflatable Military Body Armour Being Tested in the Water

BCBinternationalSurvival and protective equipment designer and manufacturer BCB International is testing out prototypes for a new type of body armour that inflates when it comes into contact with water.

The idea is that if a soldier were to be shot or injured in the line of duty and fell into a heavy body of water, such as a lake or the sea, the Wales-based firm’s Inflatable Body Armour System would automatically inflate within seconds of coming into contact with water.

There are other existing body armour products on the market that can also inflate but they tend to do so outside the armour and run the risk of being damaged if a soldier is attacked by gunfire. Read More