Bulletproof Baseball Hat Gets Tested At Range

DETROIT (FOX 2)- The manufacturer says it can save your life, even if you are shot in the head. A Michigan company is producing a bulletproof baseball hat. Many are familiar with bullet proof vests, worn by many police officers everyday – but what about a baseball hat for your head? Read More

Pacific Safety Products Inc. Reports 2nd Qtr Fiscal 2015

PressReleaseARNPRIOR, ONTARIO — (Marketwired) – Pacific Safety Products Inc., a leading North American manufacturer of advanced armour and personal protection solutions, today reported financial results for the three month period ended December 31, 2014. Highlights: Revenues for the second quarter were $3.5 million, an increase of 17.8% compared to revenues of $3.0 million during the second quarter of fiscal 2014. Gross margin as a percentage of revenues for the second quarter was 27.5% compared to 24.0% for the second quarter of the prior year. Working capital in the quarter was strong at $ 1.6 million, further improving by $0.9 million with the… Press Release

MKU Introduces New Breakthrough Trauma Reduction Technology for Helmets

PressReleaseKanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India - MKU, a leading manufacturer of armour solutions for personnel and platforms is showcasing the path breaking new RHT Technology for helmets that offers Double Protection to soldiers. It protects soldiers from bullets and fragments, reducing the resultant trauma occurring from the impact of bullets and fragments on the helmet shell by over 40% (as compared to standard helmets)according to tests conducted by HP White Laboratory, USA.

“The effect of resultant trauma in helmets can be dangerous and can lead to serious types of head and skull injuries. It is a known and growing… Press Release

Material Discovery Five Times Stronger Than Spider Silk

Limpet TeethLimpet teeth might be the strongest natural material known to man, a new study has found.

Researchers from the University of Portsmouth have discovered that limpets – small aquatic snail-like creatures with conical shells – have teeth with biological structures so strong they could be copied to make cars, boats and planes of the future.

The study examined the small-scale mechanical behaviour of teeth from limpets using atomic force microscopy, a method used to pull apart materials all the way down to the level of the atom. Read More

New Tech-Solution for Armored Helicopters

MKUMKU has introduced its 6th Generation ballistic protection technology, Polyshield V6 that will reduce the weight and thickness of armor solutions by almost 40%. This will improve the performance and mission capability of armoured helicopters. This technology has been developed after extensive R&D by MKU’s team of experts and engineers based in Germany and India.

Armor panels manufactured using 6th Generation Polyshield V6 technology conforming to NIJ III weigh only 14kg. “Since weight is one of the three major parameters controlling the performance of a helicopter, and the only one that can be controlled, this development is extremely significant,” according to Neeraj Gupta, Managing Director of MKU. Read More

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