Police Union, Chiefs Urge Mandatory Armor

MajorCities ChiefsAssocThe nation’s largest police unions and a national coalition of police chiefs agreed Thursday to mandatory use of body armor and seat belts for all law enforcement agencies.

The accord, the first of its kind between labor and law enforcement leaders, comes amid persistent reports that large numbers of officers die in shootings and traffic accidents without the basic protection afforded by bulletproof vests and seat restraints.

Although traffic-related incidents were the leading cause of officer deaths in 13 of the past 15 years, according to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, which closely tracks police fatalities, about half of officers do not regularly wear seat belts. Read More

Armor Designs Announces Update on Legal Matters

PressReleaseTEMPE, Ariz., Nov. 19, 2014 /PRNewswire/ – Armor Designs, Inc. (LSE: ADID) (“Armor” or the “Company”), a leading designer, integrator and manufacturer of armor solutions for military, government and commercial use, today provided an update on litigation currently pending before the Court of Chancery of the State of Delaware (the “Court”). Following a hearing held on Friday, November 7, 2014, the Court preliminarily declined to validate a written consent executed by the Company’s former Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, James St. Ville (“St. Ville”), acting through his wholly-owned company Hawthorne & York International Ltd (“HYI”), to remove the incumbent… Press Release

Bulletproof Vests Needed for Trinidad and Tobago Police Service

ttpsPOLICE Social and Welfare Association (PSWA) President Insp Anand Ramesar has said that 7,000 bulletproof vests are needed to replace old vests and to provide officers who do not currently have any as he reported that many officers were wearing vests that were “way past” the expiration date.

Acting Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams, responding to this claim, said he did not know where Ramesar got the 7,000 figure from and that to speak about replacing vests and acquiring new vests in the same breath was “apples and oranges”. He said the Police Service over the years had made an effort to equip officers with bulletproof vests, reporting a distribution of 2,500 vests this year already and the Police Service administration is looking to get more and has gone to the Special Tenders committee. He said vests that are more than five years old will be replaced but officers will continue to use them as they provide a level of protection. Read More

Hagel Announces New “Defense Innovation Initiative” During Speech at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

nanotubearmorOn November 15, 2014 Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel gave a speech at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, Simi Valley, CA, Saturday, November 15, 2014. Here is a partial except of that important speech:

Today I’m announcing a new Defense Innovation Initiative – an initiative that we expect to develop into a game-changing third ‘offset’ strategy. This new initiative is an ambitious department-wide effort to identify and invest in innovative ways to sustain and advance America’s military dominance for the 21st century. It will put new resources behind innovation, but also account for today’s fiscal realities – by focusing on investments that will sharpen our military edge even as we contend with fewer resources. Continued fiscal pressure will likely limit our military’s ability to respond to long-term challenges by increasing the size of our force or simply outspending potential adversaries on current systems, so to overcome challenges to our military superiority, we must change the way we innovate, operate, and do business.

The new Innovation Initiative will draw on the lessons of previous offset strategies and ensure that America’s power-projection capabilities continue to sustain our competitive advantage… Read More

Swedish Paramedics Need Body Armor to Enter Violent Muslim Areas

SwedishParamedicSweden was once known for meatballs, midnight sun, Absolut, Volvo, blondes, and Ingmar Bergman. But added to that list may soon be paramedics decked out in military gear, including helmets, bulletproof vests, shin protectors, and gas masks. This is for protection in Muslim areas in which residents attack not only police, but also emergency medical personnel. Writes Speisa.com (edited for style and translation integrity): They [the paramedics] are met with everything from guns to machetes…. “We are not protected anymore as we had been,” the head of… Read More

Texas Armoring Corporation CEO Lets Employee Shoot Car With Assault Rifle While He’s Inside

A Texas-based company posted a video on YouTube showing one of its employees firing at an SUV with an assault rifle while his boss is inside the vehicle. The video is a promotional material for Texas Armoring Corporation, a company that retrofits everyday vehicles with protective armor. To show the effectiveness of the company’s service, CEO Trent Kimball sat at the driver’s seat of a Mercedes-Benz SUV outfitted with bulletproof material.